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Day 14 at sea: entering the second week of continuous rowing

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Atlantic Lions rowing in front of mountains

The Atlantic Lions have now spent a total of two weeks rowing continuously across the Atlantic Ocean. 

As they move further west they are treated to more frequent wildlife visitors which helps to keep the boys motivated.

Happy new year everyone, we spent it in less than enjoyable conditions but managed to celebrate it briefly.

As we are heading further west we are starting to see more wildlife - flying fish and dolphin fish being the most exciting. We have all found it amazing how something so trivial can really lift spirits on board.

In other good news, we have now been on board for 2 weeks, which is a big Joey Milestone. We have a couple more important ones coming up, the most desirable of which being half way. We are also starting slowly to get back on top of the power situation and after a week of no music on the night shifts, we finally had some tunes to listen to. The singing was definitely questionable but as we are all so tired it didn’t keep anyone awake.

Finally, naked rowing has started and it is liberating!


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