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Day 18 at sea: storms on the way

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Weather chart showing approaching storm

Some difficult times lay ahead for our Atlantic Lions who are rowing towards a significant storm.

The boys have been warned and options have been discussed, but it is likely to mean para-anchor and an unpleasant few days.

We are all "slightly" tired but in good spirits. We are heading a little more south than west hence the change in our direction over the past few hours, this is because there is a low pressure area sweeping in from the north west towards the end of the weekend and into Monday and Tuesday and the further south we are, the lighter the winds will be (as the wind will start to blow in all directions for a while) as the low pressure system sweeps through - this is pure vintage Michael Fish!

The weather over the weekend and the beginning of next week will be interesting to say the least, it will be a bit uncomfortable for us on Sunday through to Tuesday with quite a big sea and we maybe will have some time with the parachute anchor out to hold our position and to stabilise us rather than getting blown back from where we have just rowed from!!

We are all suffering from sore backsides (but that is par for rowing The Atlantic!)  and a few aches and pains mainly arms and wrists but are generally in good health. Dave's toe is healing nicely (he trapped it between a La Gomera quay and Tiny Dancer just 12 hours from the start and ripped his toe nail off. The weather at about 12 noon today (Thursday) is raining hard and not too warm, Dave is rowing with a waterproof top but no shorts!! Your minds might boggle, the rest of us are in shorts and top.

We will be sending another blog soon but are still having some power issues and will send as soon as practical and we can charge the iPad. But it is more important for the power to be spent on our chart plotter and water maker at the moment and with little or no sun the solar panels are not as efficient as they should be.

All for now... Matt and the Atlantic Lions

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