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Day 23 at sea: 'If it was easy it would just be the way'

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With the storm about to hit, Atlantic Lion Joe blogs about how they can avoid being pushed backward towards the Canaries.

Some regression is unfortunately inevitable but an update on their fundraising total is keeping spirits high.

I lay in the stern cabin writing this blog with the sense that this is about to become an even more familiar home in the next few days. Sadly, despite previous predictions of 2 weeks of following seas and winds, a pesky storm has formed north of us and is charging towards the Canaries. As a result, we are currently experiencing northerly currents and south westerly winds - exactly the wrong direction for us to get to Antigua! Once the weather becomes too much and we can make no more progress, we will drop our para anchor (a parachute with a weight on the end that falls to 70m from the boat, inflates and drastically increases drag) and sit out the bad weather. It’s due to last until early doors Friday. As the title of the blog suggests - ‘if it was easy, it would just be the way’.

On a much more positive note, fishing has started in earnest. We have ‘caught’ 2 dorados with our rod and the help of Rafael (the fish lure) only for them to wriggle themselves free before we could get them in. The battle has just begun however!

Yesterday we received a lovely email from Jo Sopala at the MS Trust who gave us some details about how the fundraising money could be used and to see how we were. Currently, the money we’ve raised so far can be used to train 30 specialist MS Trust nurses and thus provide expert care to over 13,000 people affected by the disease. We are absolutely over the moon with this figure and would like to thank everyone for donating. Hopefully we can still break the £100,000 mark after the end of the race.

We wanted to address some concern that has arisen with regards to our speed. At times, if our speed drops, we understand people are worried something is wrong. Nothing is wrong - we are rowing as hard as we can but ‘Tiny’ or ‘The Barge’ as we now call her, is really heavy and our course has meant the weather doesn’t give us the help we would like. We have also given her a little spring clean of her hull as it was covered in barnacles. She is now streamlined, losing weight and ready for a quick crossing post para-anchor week.

Many thanks to everyone keeping our profile as high as possible back in the UK.

Now for a well earned cool down in the midday breeze...


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