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Day 3 at sea: first blog from the Atlantic Ocean

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Atlantic Lions at the start of the race

72 hours and 160 nautical miles into the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge and the Atlantic Lions share with us their first blog from the Atlantic Ocean. 

Having a whale of a time minus the vomit

Day 3 at sea now and time for our first blog. We couldn’t have asked for a better first day – two hours in and we were welcomed by hundreds of dolphins swimming around the boat. We were then treated even further half an hour later by no less than 6 whales (including one calf) gliding past us. Safe to say morale was at an all time high and it was an experience we hope to relive again in our crossing.

On to the first night shift then and unfortunately our skipper was struck with some severe sea sickness (a few of us have felt nauseous but Matt is a long way ahead in the vom tally). Rowing at night is a completely different experience, if the moonlight goes then all you can see is your own nav light – quite a daunting feeling when you know there are 5m walls of water around you.

Anyway, we’re getting into the routine of 2 hours on 2 hours off and whilst bums are already receiving the most medical attention, morale is good and the sun is shining. Trying to eat all our assigned calories is however proving impossible at the moment – something we’re going to have to work on otherwise there won’t be much of us come Antigua.

Dolphin swimming in the AtlanticDolphin swimming in the Atlantic

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