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Designs on a marathon

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Screen printed cards on a drying rack

When her partner was diagnosed with MS, Syd Hausmann was inspired to take up running to help others going through similar experiences.

Here Syd tells us about her dream to run a marathon and how she's using her design skills to raise funds at Christmas.

'Doing a marathon' has always existed somewhere in the darkest corners of my mind as an exciting possibility and wondrous achievement. It's been there, sitting hesitantly on that vague bucket list I'd concocted ages ago. Yet with each passing year, that item was fading. I was over 40 after all.

Then my partner was diagnosed with MS and that changed everything. I suddenly found that I wanted to do something to help others with this disease so I signed up to run the Great North Run for the MS Trust.

Believe me, that initial enthusiasm quickly turned to fear when I realised it'd be 20 years since I'd run further than for the bus! But I did it - a half marathon. Then I decided to keep the momentum going - the MS Trust was so wonderful, after all - and applied to do a marathon for them. And by golly, if I was going to do a marathon, it'd better be the London Marathon.

So here I am.

Syd's Christmas card designs

As part of my fundraising, I decided to make some Christmas cards. Wanting to keep things 'bright and cheery', I opted for a strong graphic approach which will surely give you some design kudos if you buy them. Plus, they've been hand screened using water-based inks and printed on GF Smith's Naturalis environmentally friendly paper. And of course they'll support the MS Trust. It's a win, win, win situation!

As for training, injuries mean it's up and down. I thought a few calf strains, sore knees and loads of aching muscles would be it. Then, on 28 September I attained a running-related fibular stress fracture. Eight weeks later and I'm still feeling it although I have begun running again - allbeit very slowly.

Yet with all of the self-inflicted running-related injuries I sustain - I am humbly reminded that there are other people out there who really need the support of the MS Trust. It is that, my partner, and all of those I know with MS that keep me going.

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