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Gobbley goop - how to keep the brain active

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Juggling having MS and having a small child isn't the easiest at times. People talk about baby brain and to add to that you have MS cog fog. For the blogger of poorlyparents it was very important to try to keep her brain as active as possible, which is why she started her blog. In this guest blog she explains how she is getting on with her blog and how technology can help you to be creative.  

"Ironically I'm writing about brain health when my mind is mush, so will give it my best shot in this fog. I didn't truly understand what it felt like until I realised it was an MS symptom."

I was diagnosed three years ago with RRMS and became a first time mummy to little man, nearly two years ago. After warnings about baby brain, I had it along with my MS head. So I was conscious about keeping my mind active. For me, brain fog is like putting your head in Brenda the blender, if you have a toddler, you know who Brenda is! For those of you who don't know, it is a blender off a toddler cartoon. My mind goes all scrambled, I forget things, thinking and actions are harder, words come out all wrong or l can't even find the right word, which gets worse when I'm fatigued. 

Surely I could challenge myself mentally again when I returned to work but like a bolt out of the blue, I got made redundant. I realised that I wanted to be a stay at home mum but what role would be flexible? My creativity kicked in as I couldn't find anything to read about looking after a little one when you have a chronic condition. I enjoyed writing but my physical writing was awful, which is another symptom to contend with. How the heck could I do this! After contacting a MS magazine, I got some great advice about writing and connecting with others like me. This resulted in writing my blog, which can be found at: or poorlyparents on Facebook.

I feel we live in age where using technology is part of the everyday. Technology really helps my MS as well as my writing. I speak into the tablet so I can write without picking up a pen, then copy it into my blog. I can cut words out, which I couldn't do as easily if I had to write it down. I may never be able to physically write properly again but it allows me to write without picking up a pen. My calendar phone is great for appointments and I use the phone memo for my blog ideas or lists. If technology isn't your thing, I also use the kitchen blackboard for emergency reminders, which is even used by my hubby! It's not perfect as I do forget things, but it all helps with the fogginess. Shopping is mainly purchased online which is great for anyone who has MS or even if you're just time poor. We have such busy lives even without MS to contend with, so I try to utilise as much help as possible. 

It's early days for the blog, hopefully my readers enjoy it. I try not put pressure on myself, as a mummy with MS it can be challenging but writing allows me to escape, it is my therapy as well as keeping the grey matter moving.

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