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How one London company is making a difference for people living with MS

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Nick and Dan from Constructive Space

These days more and more companies and organisations are nominating a charity of the year. It’s a great way of team building while raising vital funds. We were particularly thrilled to hear recently that Constructive Space, a London company that designs intelligent workspaces, had chosen the MS Trust as its Charity of the Year for 2017, with the aim of raising £10,000. We caught up with directors Nick Hull and Dan Jones to find out why they want to make a difference for people living with MS

Why is the MS Trust so close to your hearts?

Nick: We do a lot of work in the charity and not-for-profit sector. We really enjoy working with our charities, and for the last few years we have chosen a Charity of the Year.

Dan: My wife Dionne has MS, so we have raised money for the MS Trust in the past, and this year I had the chance to say I’d like to make it our Charity of the Year.

Enjoying a vegan breakfast in Veganuary How has the MS Trust supported you and Dionne?

Dan: It’s been 11 years now since my wife was diagnosed. I rang the MS Trust for some advice at that time and they were great, they really put our minds at ease. For the first few months, if we wanted to speak to someone, they were always there to talk to, and that went a long way with us. They are always there when you need them. We try to live as normal a life as we possibly can, but they have always been very helpful and supportive.

What fundraising events have you got planned?

Nick: We try to make them as fun as possible for our staff and clients. The first thing we did was Sober for October, so the entire staff went drink-free for the month of October, and the money we saved in not drinking alcohol went into the charity fund. If people did drink they had to pay a forfeit. We raised about £2,000 doing that.

We have several other things we are doing over the year: in January we did Veganuary, which meant we all went vegan for the month, and later in the year we have a charity golf day planned, and Dan and his wife Dionne will be canoeing coast to coast in Scotland in September.

Would you encourage other businesses to support the MS Trust?

Nick: The MS Trust is a marvellous organisation, and above all, you have really got involved with us; you have really taken us on board and bought into what we are trying to do here. And, apart from anything else, it’s been really good fun. I would definitely encourage other businesses to get involved.

How the MS Trust helped me: Dionne's story 

When I was first told I had MS I didn’t really take it in. As I was walking out of the hospital a nurse said: ‘When you need to talk I’m here’. When I got home, I saw my son and I just started crying. 

The diagnosis has made me more positive; I’m going to get things done that I want to do. You never know how you’re going to wake up, so I make sure I cram everything I want to do in now.  

The MS Trust have been a really good support, particularly their publications. I have run a number of marathons for the charity over the years and am doing another one in April. When I found out Constructive Space were making them its Charity of the Year, I was like “Wow! That’s going to be a lot of money and a lot of help for people living with MS”.

Could your company make a difference?

Do you, or does one of your family or friends, work for a company that might be interested in fundraising for the MS Trust and supporting people like Dionne?

If you get involved with our corporate partnership scheme and choose the MS Trust as your Charity of the Year, you will have a dedicated account manager to build and maintain the relationship and ensure everyone benefits from the partnership. We’ll provide fundraising packs and materials, suggest lots of fun fundraising ideas and activities, promote events via our website, attend social or networking evenings, and work with you to maximise all PR opportunities, both locally and nationally. 

For more information, contact Emma at the MS Trust. Email or call 01462 476700.


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