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John prepares to trek across the Alps for the MS Trust

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John and his wife Michelle

John Ferguson from Crosby is getting ready for a three-day trek through France, Italy and Switzerland across Europe's largest mountain range.

John tells us why he wanted to take on this fantastic challenge.

I have signed up to trek across Mont Blanc in the Alps - through 3 countries in 3 days. The trek will cover 65km (just under 41 miles) and I will be walking at 2,650 metres high, which I am told has a bit of an effect! Each day involves a 12-15 mile trek, which on its own is ok(ish). It's getting up the next day to do it again, then again where it gets tough... particularly at my age!

I was diagnosed with MS a few years back and from day one the MS Trust has always been there. Despite not needing a lot from them, it's great to know what they offer. I love doing something that challenges me, and allows me to raise some funds to assist the MS Trust.

Having previously done a charity triathlon, a zip line at Everton's ground and a parachute jump for the Trust, I signed up to do the Alps Trek which is a bit different, a bit harder. I do a bit of walking to keep generally fit, but not anything like this. Training has been fun and a good excuse to get out with the family and my mates.

The fundraising is going fantastically! I'd like to say a massive thank you to all my family, friends and work colleagues. Some of the highlights have been a monthly work quiz organised by Pezza which brought in over £100, and Christmas and Easter cake sales organised by Kay that raised £140. But we smashed it all with a charity race night organised by Alex, my wife Michelle and my sister in law Karen, plus loads of donations, which raised £1,742!

With a month to go it's becoming very real. The training has stepped up and I'm now going to the gym for the first time ever... bring it on!!

John climbing Snowdon with friends

John climbing Snowdon with friends

John and his wife Michelle at the race night

John and his wife Michelle at the race night

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