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Making Sense of MS helped 14-year-old Amy deal with diagnosis: we need your help to reach even more people

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If you’re a subscriber you’ll have seen that the new issue of our free newsletter Open Door, out this week, leads on our new resource Making Sense of MS.

We hope Making Sense of MS will make a real difference to people at the moment they’re diagnosed, giving them the facts about MS in a discreet, accessible booklet, and helping them find more detailed information when it’s right for them.

It’s already helped Amy who got in touch on Twitter to tell us. Amy is 14 and was diagnosed in August this year.

“I found out I had MS after about a year of symptoms which my parents thought was muscle strain,” Amy told us. “I went to the doctor and was instantly referred to the hospital in March 2014. I was diagnosed with demyelination after a month of testing, an MRI scan and a lumbar puncture. Then after persisting on-and-off symptoms, I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis.”

Being diagnosed with MS is never easy, but it can be particularly hard news to take in if you’re a teenager. “I knew barely anything about MS at the time of diagnosis,” says Amy. “I thought I would go blind but my doctor said that wasn’t a symptom for me.”

When she was diagnosed Amy was given the MS Trust Young Person’s Guide to MS and told that the MS Trust website was a good place to go to find out more about MS.

“I had a lot to find out and the MS Trust website and Making Sense of MS helped me find all that me and my family needed for the time being,” says Amy. “I found the How to tell people section really useful. It helped me tell my close friends, as well as talking to my school in a meeting about MS. It gave me a boost of confidence to help talking openly about my illness. I also showed my parents as they were both struggling to come to terms with my diagnosis.”

We were only able to develop Making Sense of MS thanks to the support of people like you. Now we need your help to make sure we reach even more people like Amy.

On average, around 15 people are diagnosed with MS every day. A gift of just £15 will help us deliver the little blue book of MS to each of them, helping them find the information that’s right for them, when they need it most.

You can make a gift right now on our online donation form or by calling 01462 476700.

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