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MS and rehab: Who can help?

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MS rehab services vary depending on where you live. If you have an MS nurse, they are often the best people to ask what’s available locally. If you have an MS therapy centre near you they might also be able to help you find a physiotherapist or other rehab professionals. You might need a referral from your GP to access some of these services.

Physiotherapist: A physiotherapist can help you work out ways of staying fit and active. This can be helpful in managing problems with balance, spasticity and fatigue.

Occupational therapist (OT): An OT can help you solve everyday problems by making suggestions for changes in lifestyle, or useful equipment and adaptations at home or at work.

Speech and language therapist: Speech and language therapists can help you if you have problems with slurring or difficulties remembering words. They can also help if you have problems swallowing.

Dietitian: A dietitian can help you look at what you’re eating to help you manage MS issues such as fatigue or bowel and bladder problems. They can also help if you have problems swallowing.

Clinical psychologist: A clinical psychologist can help you manage emotional issues that might arise from your MS and help you deal with any cognitive symptoms you might have.

To find MS health professionals near you, see our map of services.

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