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MS Awareness Week is 28 April–4 May. How will you get involved?

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If you receive our newsletter Open Door you’ll know that this year is the twenty-first anniversary of the MS Trust. (If you don’t receive Open Door youcan  read back issues and sign up for free here!). Having looked back at the big achievement in MS care and support since we were founded in 1993, for this MS Awareness Week, which runs from 28 April–4 May we want to make sure the next 21 years see even more progress.

We want to reach as many people as possible with our free, practical and reliable MS information – information that can have a life-changing impact on someone living with MS. There are loads of ways you can get involved:

You can raise awareness of MS information and services online, in your workplace or in your community centre. Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing resources, facts and graphics that you can use and we’ll be launching the MS Trust 21 challenge with lots of suggestions of how you can spread the word.

You can Be Bold In Blue with a special fundraising event. A Bold In Blue event is a fun and easy way to raise funds that make sure everyone affected by MS can access free, impartial information. We have loads of ideas to help you organise an event. This year Be Bold In Blue is going large and we’re now offering support for large-scale events. Contact our team to find out more.

You can celebrate the work of MS health professionals who’ve made a difference to you in our My Super Team Awards. Whether it’s your MS nurse, physiotherapist, neurologist or other health professional, let us know how they’ve helped and nominate them for a special prize.

You can also get involved in creating one of our practical resources. To tie in with our recently published guides to dealing with MS bowel and bladder problems we’re assembling an expert panel of health professionals and people with MS to answer your continence questions. What are the issues you find tricky? What would you particularly like help with? Let us know and we’ll put your questions to the panel. Their answers will be available to watch online during MS Awareness Week.

Over the coming weeks we’ll also be asking members of the MS family what they think are the big achievements in MS care and support over the last 21 years and the big challenges of the future. You can already read the first four contributions on our 21 stories page. What do you think are the big achievements and challenges? Let us know and we’ll round up your views in a future blog post.

For all the latest news on MS Awareness Week preparations see the dedicated webpage or join our twitter or Facebook communities. If you need any more info please let us know!

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