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MS in the Media - 10 August 2018

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4 - 10 August 2018

These are links to news stories from the last week that may be of interest to people in the UK. The link beneath each item will take you to the original story.

Please note that the MS Trust did not write the original items and does not endorse their content nor any claims made in them.

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Congratulations to Trishna Bharadia

Congratulations to MS campaigner Trishna Bharadia, who has been awarded the Points of Light award for supporting people living with MS and other chronic conditions.  The award is granted by the Prime Minister’s Office and given to someone every day to recognise outstanding volunteers who are making a change in their community.   

Source: Points of Light
Source: Pharmaphorum
Source: Bucks Free Press

MS Trust link: Your stories

Smoking and relapses

A two year Danish study found that smoking increased the relapse rate by more than one third in people taking Tysabri (natalizumab).  A previous study by the group had found a similar effect in people taking beta interferon.

Source: MS News Today

MS Trust link: Smoking

Travelling with disabilities

A women with MS writes about the difficulties of travelling on trains, buses and planes.

Source: Guardian

Long delays for neurologist appointments in Northern Ireland

A shortage of neurologists in Northern Ireland has led to an average waiting time of 23 months for a routine appointment.

Source: BBC
Source: Belfast Newsletter
Source: Belfast Telegraph

MS Trust link: Map of MS services

Botox for bladder problems

A recent study has found that low-dose botulinum toxin injections can significantly reduce urinary incontinence in people with MS.  The lower dose meant that fewer people needed to start self-catherisation.

Source: Multiple Sclerosis News Today

MS Trust link: Bladder problems

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