6 - 12 February 2016

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Vitamin D and onset of MS

A Danish study has found that onset of MS in younger people was associated with low sun exposure and being overweight.

Source: MSIF

MS Trust link: Vitamin D

Measuring disease activity

Italian researchers say that cognition should be included in any measure of no evidence of disease activity.  They followed 42 people with relapsing remitting MS for two years.  Although a third showed no disease activity by the commonly used measure, more than half of these showed signs of cognitive symptoms

Source: MSIF

MS Trust link: NEDA (no evidence of disease activity)
MS Trust link: Cognition and cognitive symptoms

Gender differences in MS

A neurologist who has been developing a hormone based treatment for women with MS, talks about how the differences in MS by gender can both help and hinder research

Source: MS Discovery

MS Trust link: Hormones

Trial to predict how MS will develop

Researchers at the Anne Rowling Clinic in Edinburgh will start recruiting people in April to the FutureMS trial The trial will use MRI-scanning, genetic testing and clinical examinations to study how to better predict how someone's MS will develop. 

Source: Scotsman
Source: Anne Rowling Clinic

MS Trust link: Prognosis

Woman with MS on bed blocking

Poppy Hasted, who has MS, has written an open letter to the prime minister about how she had to stay in hospital longer than she needed following a pressure ulcer as social services were unable to set up the care package she needed to go home.

Source: Daily Mirror

MS Trust link: MS Forward View

Sense of taste

American research has found that up to a third of people with MS had difficulty identifying certain tastes and that this correlated with the number of lesions seen on MRI scans

Source: Eureka Alert

MS Trust link: Can taste be affected in MS?

Smoking and nicotine

Canadian research has found that, whilst smoking is known to worsen MS, pure nicotine seems to have a protective effect on nerves in the animal model of MS.

Source: Canadian MS Society

MS Trust link: Smoking

Christian Jessen's MS connection

The presenter of ITV's Embarrassing Bodies talks about his uncle who had MS

Source: Daily Mirror

MS Trust link: Personal stories of living with MS

Campaign launched to legalise medicinal cannabis

The End our Pain campaign has been launched to argue for the legalisation of the medical use of cannabis.

Source: Independent

MS Trust link: MS Trust news item

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