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MS in the media - 19 May 2017

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13 - 19 May 2017

These are links to news stories from the last week that may be of interest to people in the UK. The link beneath each item will take you to the original story.

Please note that the MS Trust did not write the original items and does not endorse their content nor any claims made in them.

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Safety of beta interferon

Canadian research looked at health records of people who had used one of the beta interferon drugs.  This confirmed known side effects (migraines, low white blood cell counts), found that the risk of depression increases but only for the first two years of treatment, found new issues (an increase in the risk of stroke), and new benefits (a lower risk of bronchitis and upper respiratory infections)

Source: National MS Society (USA)
Source: EurekaAlert

MS Trust link: Beta interferon

Children, vitamin D and obesity

US research found that low vitamin D levels and obesity were independently risk factors for onset of MS

Source: National MS Society (USA)

MS Trust link: Vitamin D

Weight and MS severity

Australian research has found that being overweight increases the risk of a relapse (demyelinating events) and higher BMI at onset is associated with faster increase in disability

Source: Medical News Bulletin

MS Trust link: Diet

Brain training and cognition

A study found that people doing up to 60 hours of either brain training or a computer game improved their cognition scores.  The brain training group showed better improvement on cognition measures and more of the group reported improvements.

Source: EconoTimes

MS Trust link: Cognition

Assisted suicide rethink

A man from Inverness, who had intended to end his life, is reconsidering after a woman with MS contacted him and offered to help him find support.  He said, "There are a lot of people that are forgotten who need a lot of help and are unaware that there is help. That's when people like me think they're off to Switzerland."

Source: BBC

MS Trust link: Palliative care

Garden for MS

Horticulture students at Derby College have designed an MS garden for the BBC Gardeners’ World Live event in June

Source: FE Week

MS Trust link: Gardening and MS

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