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MS in the media - 29 December 2017

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23 - 29 December 2017

These are links to news stories from the last week that may be of interest to people in the UK. The link beneath each item will take you to the original story.

Please note that the MS Trust did not write the original items and does not endorse their content nor any claims made in them.

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The effect of MS on work - a teacher's story

A teacher writes about on being diagnosed with MS and the challenges this added to her job. Things were made easier following a move to a more supportive school.

Source: Guardian

MS Trust link: Working and studying with MS

Cancer risk lower in MS

A French survey found that people with MS were less likely to develop cancer than the general population - 7.3% of people with MS were affected compared to 12.6% of a control group

Source: MS News Today

MS Trust link: MS research update - Overall cancer risk is lower in people with MS

Chickenpox, shingles and MS

A survey in Nottinghamshire found that the number people with MS who had had chickenpox was similar to the general population. Not having had chickenpox could be an issue when someone starts an immunosuppressive drug. The level of shingles was higher than the general population and may suggest the virus has a role in the risk of developing MS

Source: MS News Today

MS Trust link: MS research update

Exercise helps mild cognitive impairment

The American Academy of Neurology has issued a guideline suggesting exercise can help people with mild cognitive impairment. The recommendation is 150 minutes a week of "exertion ... enough to work up a bit of a sweat but doesn't need to be so rigorous that you can't hold a conversation"

Source: Medical Xpress

MS Trust link: Exercises for people with MS

Stem cell therapy

A Scottish woman who went to Mexico for stem cell therapy is the subject of a documentary on BBC Alba (the Scottish language channel) on 31 December. She talks about the challenges of the treatment and how she is starting to see improvements

Source: Herald
Source: BBC Alba

MS Trust link: Stem cell therapy

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