23 July - 29 July 2016

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Disease modifying drugs may help people with "benign" MS remain free from further disability

US research looked at information on 6,258 people with MS from treatment centres in New York.  Depending on the definition of benign MS used, 20% to 33% had benign MS.  People with the tightest definition of benign MS and who were taking a DMD were more likely to remain benign in the follow up period (1–8 years).  Two thirds of participants were still classed as benign at the end of the follow up.

Source: MS News Today

MS Trust link: Benign MS
MS Trust link: Disease modifying drugs

Stephanie Millward talks about the impact of her diagnosis with MS

An article looking at three people who will be competing in the Paralympics includes the swimmer with MS.

Source: Daily Express

MS Trust link: Personal stories of living with MS

Stem cells

Eric Thomson, who has PPMS, went to Mexico for treatment in June.  He is now able to walk again.

Source: Daily Mail
Source: Daily Mirror

MS Trust link: Short guide to stem cell therapy for MS

Anecdotal success and research evidence

A blog by a woman with MS on needing to balance anecdotal success stories with research evidence, with particular reference to CCSVI and stem cell treatments.

Source: MS News Today

MS Trust link: Research and MS
MS Trust link: MS stem cell therapy in the NHS: time for a roadmap

Financial management with MS

A study found that people with MS made more errors buying something online than a control group - particularly with credit card information.  Also mentions problems with ATMs and keeping up to date with bills.

Source: Market Watch

MS Trust link: Cognition

Communicating prognosis

Research in Southampton looked at issues around discussing how MS may develop in the future.  They found that not everyone wants or benefits from talking about prognosis, and for those that do it can be a very emotional experience requiring support.

Source: MD Magazine
Source: Multiple Sclerosis News Today

MS Trust link: Prognosis

Disabled dressage rider asked to pay extra for permission to use additional equipment

A dressage rider with MS complains that having to pay for dispensation for the extra equipment she is required to use for safety is discriminatory.

Source: Horse & Hound

MS Trust link: Legal advice
MS Trust link: Equality Act

Study highlights progressive decline for people with MS

A UK study of 582 people with MS who died between 1998 and 2015 found that the last years of three quarters could be described as 'progressive dwindling' - slowly building up disability and health problems.  Half died in hospital and a quarter in care homes, seen as an indicator that end of life care was lacking.  Three quarters of people in the study are listed as having died from MS complications.

Source: MS News Today

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MS Trust link: Palliative care

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