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MS in the media - 6 October 2017

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30 September - 6 October 2017

These are links to news stories from the last week that may be of interest to people in the UK. The link beneath each item will take you to the original story.

Please note that the MS Trust did not write the original items and does not endorse their content nor any claims made in them.

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Salt doesn't cause MS

A study looking at health records from nurses in the USA found that there was no association with higher levels of salt (dietary sodium) in the diet of those who were subsequently diagnosed with MS. This matches the finding from another study published in July. An earlier study had suggested there might be a link.

Source: Neurology Advisor

MS Trust link: Diet

Fatigue treated with small electric current

A small US study found that transcranial direct current stimulation (a headset that applied a low electric current to the scalp) helped with fatigue. Participants who did a cognitive training game five times a week for four weeks whilst wearing the headset showed an improvement in fatigue scores. A control group doing the game without the headset showed a small increase in fatigue.

Source: Newswise
Source: MS News Today

MS Trust link: Fatigue

Taxi discrimination challenged

Disability Wales is campaigning for the Welsh Government act against taxi drivers who refuse to pick up passengers with a disability. One of the people featured is Glyn Furnival-Jones who has MS.

Source: BBC

MS Trust link: The Equality Act

Stem cells - the genuine potential and the dodgy clinics

A report in the Lancet warns that clinics selling unproven and potentially dangerous 'treatments' are undermining the value of genuine stem cell research. In a separate article, Bruce Bebo of the American National Multiple Sclerosis Society discusses the potential and challenges of stem cell therapy

Source: Guardian
Source: Healthline

MS Trust link: Stem cell therapy

MS drugs in Northern Ireland

One of the proposals to save money from the health budget from Northern Ireland is to defer starting new people on disease modifying drugs until the next financial year. A consultation is underway

Source: Belfast Telegraph

MS Trust link: MS Decisions - a guide to the disease modifying drugs for relapsing MS

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