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MS Trust is delighted to be awarded the Information Standard quality mark

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But what does it mean?

Typing ‘multiple sclerosis’ into Google produces more than 8 million results, there are over 50,000 producers of health and social care information in the UK alone and it is said that there is more information in one issue of the Sunday Times than a medieval scholar would have come across in a lifetime.

In all of this how easy is it to judge what information is accurate, based on good evidence, up-to-date and unbiased?

The Information Standard was devised by the Department of Health to allow people to do just this and the MS Trust is delighted to have been certified to carry The Information Standard quality mark which you will soon see on our publications and website pages.

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Organisations who have achieved this have demonstrated how information fits into the aims of the organisation, how evidence for a particular publication is identified and assessed and how the target audience and expert reviewers are included in developing information. 

The assessment process is rigorous - we know! But we believe it has helped us to ensure that the information we produce is accurate, evidence based and relevant.

High quality information is key in the successful management of ms, and has been shown to increase confidence and involvement in making decisions, reduce isolation and anxiety and improve clinical outcomes. People now have an easy way to recognise health information they can trust.   

Lynn Fox (Information Officer, MS Trust)

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