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My zip slide from the Tyne Bridge

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MS Trust Fundraising Officer Donna Barton accompanied a group of daring supporters taking part in a sponsored zip slide over the River Tyne on Saturday. Despite her fear of heights, Donna conquered the challenge and she tells us all about it below.

Donna ready to zip slide

It’s not natural to stand on the Tyne Bridge with the busy traffic coming back and forth. Nor is it natural to climb up on a wobbly step ladder to lift your legs over and sit on the edge. Even more so, it’s far from natural to then release your fingers (which are now white from holding the rail so tight) and fall through the air attached to a wire! However, this is exactly what I and 34 other MS Trust supporters did on Saturday 10th May.

I am a fundraiser at the MS Trust and I love my job. I am blown away daily by the dedication of our supporters who fundraise for us, raising thousands and thousands of pounds so we can continue to support people with MS. I have helped hundreds of our supporters from the comfort of my desk and many of them have been doing hardcore challenges and large scale events which leave me in awe.

This was why I signed up for the zip slide – I don’t do heights and I don’t like any kind of roller coaster ride so to combine the two is a challenge for me. I paid my registration fee back in December and that was me booked!

As I sat on the bridge, the fear hit me and I started to tell the staff I couldn’t do it and that I needed to get down! Then I got a gentle nudge and before I knew it I was off and I was filled with emotion. Yes there was plenty of high pitched screaming, with some words I shall not repeat, but my head was full of thoughts about why we were doing this. As I was flying through the air (oh yes, I now think I’m Superwoman) I was full of pride for everyone taking part.

To date we have raised nearly £7,000 from this zip slide event and I know there is more money to come in. We are now hoping that this event will raise £10,000, which means so much to us at the MS Trust.

I would urge anyone who is even considering this to DO IT! You can sign up now for our October Tyne Bridge Zip slide and I will see you there!

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