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Prom fashion fundraiser

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Girls in prom dresses

Student Skye McCallum organised an event at her school in North Ayrshire and got local businesses involved to raise funds for the MS Trust.

Here she tells us more about her Prom Fashion Show

I have recently raised £409.70 for the MS Trust by organising a Prom Fashion Show in my school St Matthew's Academy in Saltcoats, North Ayrshire. I decided to take on this event as part of my Leadership course. My classmates modelled potential prom attire for parents, pupils and members of the general public.

I phoned local shops to ask if they could lend us outfits from their prom range, which was much appreciated. I chose MS Trust because it is a charity close to many people in my school. I am delighted with how successful the show was and very proud of how much we have accomplished.

Male students in kilts

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