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Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills "The more we talk about MS, the more others understand"

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Scott Mills

When the bad days happen, there’s always another good one around the corner

Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills, whose mum has MS, offers his advice for young people navigating the ups and downs of growing up when you have a parent with MS. 

The more of us who speak up about MS, the more people will understand not only the condition itself, but also what life is like for those who have a loved one with MS.

For the last 10 years, my mum has been living with MS and the impact on her life is immense. What’s so hard is that each day with MS is different, so its really hard to plan, which can put a strain on everyone involved.

Simple things like walking around the shops, or going on a lovely walk on a sunny day are just not possible for my mum. Her mind is wiling her to do these things, but her body isn’t and that can be frustrating for her.

I try and support her as much as I can and make sure she doesn’t miss out on life, by planning things extra carefully. When we go on holiday, I make sure we have assistance at the airport, as even walking to security or to the gate can be a massive challenge for her. I have learnt that this planning ahead, makes everything much easier and enjoyable for both of us.

Having a parent with MS is hard; it can be upsetting and frustrating, so speak up about it and let your friends and colleagues know the challenges both you and your loved one has.

The more we talk about it, the more others understand, making it so much easier for us all. And remember, when the bad days happen, there’s always another good one around the corner. 

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