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Remembering my mum

Close up of artwork Fathomed

Artist Becca Thomas, whose mother Rosemary recently passed away, is donating proceeds from sales of her artworks to help people with MS.

Rosemary, who had MS herself, was a dedicated supporter of the MS Trust and raised more than £20,000 to support everyone affected by MS. Becca tells us why she feels this is a fitting way to remember her mother.

My mother died of complications relating to her MS on 2 October this year. Nobody knows how to stop MS - they don't even really know whether all sufferers have the same disease.

That's why our mum, who already helped thousands of women with the fear and reality of breast cancer as an NHS Radiologist, still found the time to abseil off bridges, and run 10Ks, and bully all of her friends, family and colleagues into signing up to raise money for MS research. I want to do the same in her memory.

I can’t run even 5Ks and I prefer climbing to abseiling off things. Something I can do is draw, it's something I love and something I love to share with others.

For the next month, until the end of November, I will be donating half of every sale from my Etsy shop to The MS Trust in the memory of my mum, Rosie Thomas.

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