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School friends reunited to raise funds for MS

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Marc and Emma

Emma from Cheshunt was reunited with her school friend Marc at last year's Great North Run.

This September they took on their second challenge for the MS Trust, the Descente London Duathlon, raising £700 in sponsorship. Emma tells us more.

When my old friend Marc put out a message on Facebook for people to join him in September 2016 for the Great North Run I jumped at the chance. It was a great opportunity to get back in touch with a good friend from school, but also to help him raise money and awareness for a cause which is close to his heart as Marc’s fiancée was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 11 years ago.

I love running and cycling and although I have only been running for a few years, I've been cycling for a lot longer. I wanted to do an event which combined the two, so the Descente London Duathlon (a 10km run, 44km bike ride and a 5km run) seemed perfect! I thought it would give Marc a new challenge as he hadn't been on his bike for a good few years!

During training, we did some long runs in the week and then we were able to do a long bike ride on a Sunday and run afterwards, which helped us get used to running off the bike. It was strange at first, with your legs wanting to go in the opposite direction!

I loved the Duathlon, such a great event and I will be looking to do it again at some point in the near future. I think for me the last 5k was the hardest and just seemed like the longest run ever!

Richmond Park in London was a lovely place for the event, with some challenging hills both up and down on the bike. It was also a great opportunity to raise money and awareness.

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