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Watch your step!

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Steve Woodward in snow.jpgThis is a guest Blog from Steve Woodward about how to tackle the snowy weather. You can read Steve’s blog here

I’m not a massive fan of snow – that’s not always been the case. For a start it becomes one of the many meteorological issues which we – as Brits – tend to get our knickers in a twist about.

But like most MSers, I don’t really need anything else to make me feel unsteady on my feet.

However, a work colleague told me about Yaktrax – and if you can get over the ridiculous name, they’re highly recommended.

Basically these are snow chains for your feet – I got my pair over massive walking shoes, Emma managed to get hers over her wellington boots.

The picture below shows me walking yesterday on packed ice (note the sexy grey NHS walking stick). Earlier on that day I’d also walked uphill pulling a combination sledge-and-toddler.

In both instances, it felt like I was walking on… y’know, like, a NORMAL walking surface. These things are so good, I didn’t mind getting a few funny looks when I planted my feet in snow and tried to do the twist – and found that my feet weren’t moving.


And like the walking stick, it’s just something simple which could mean feeling independent in all weathers as opposed to useless and cut-off from society.

Recommended for all but especially if you have mobility / steadiness concerns.

I should say that I am not in ANYWAY on ANY sort of commission for my endorsement!

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