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Why I support the Secret Art Show: Katy Dynes

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Here Katy Dynes, one of our regular contributors, tells us why she supports the Secret Art Show.

Hi, I’m Katy and for the last 7 years, I’ve been working as a fulltime freelance Illustrator and plush prototype designer!

I first heard about the Secret Art Show through a friend of a friend and as one of my best friends has MS, I really wanted to find out more about how to get involved and possible ways I could contribute.

I was delighted to discover that I hadn’t missed the deadline for the Art Show and with the wonderful support of the MS Trust Team, sent in my first piece – ‘Flossie’ (a pencil drawing of a little girl with a teddy bear, if my memory serves me correctly!). I was thrilled that she sold almost straightaway, when the online Show ‘opened’.

I was then asked to take part again the following year- in fact, the MS Trust beat me to it (I really wanted to participate again)- by emailing to ask me…and…3 years later, I’ve contributed anywhere between 1 and 4 pieces for the Secret Art Show every year. All my illustrations have been very different – I love the fact that I have the freedom to just draw – the only potential restriction being the ‘regulation’ 12 x 12 cm piece of paper!

Hopefully, every piece I’ve submitted for the Show shows a strong character, who tells its own story. I remember one of my favourite pieces was a ‘mixed media’ triptych of a little dog… I loved illustrating this, but also cheekily thought someone couldn’t have just one of the pieces, they would have to purchase all 3!

In my day to day, I work with a variety of clients in mainstream publishing, first time authors and greeting card and toy companies. When I have time, I teach Art workshops in primary and middle Schools – an opportunity that I love and find very rewarding.

I feel very fortunate as I really love what I do and take great satisfaction in having all my ‘creative avenues covered’. However, nothing gives me more pleasure than knowing my work sells to raise funds and awareness for the MS Trust. I just hope I keep being asked to participate!!

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