Everyone needs to look after their general health, both body and mind, but this can be more important when you have a long-term condition like multiple sclerosis.  Being as well as possible can make it easier to deal with any symptoms or relapses that come along.


Diet is a key to promoting good general health and wellbeing which may be even more important if you are living with multiple sclerosis.  Whether it is possible to influence multiple sclerosis itself through diet remains a controversial topic, but a good diet can also play an important role in managing symptoms such as fatigue and constipation. 

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Regular activity and exercise is important for both general physical and emotional health as well as improving fitness. Research has shown specific benefits of exercise for people with MS including reduced fatigue levels and improved strength, mobility and bowel and bladder function.

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Stress reduction

Stress is a common and sometimes unavoidable part of life. However, there are approaches that can help you reduce stress levels and minimise the effects.

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As well as its well documented effects on health, there is increasing evidence that smoking is a significant risk factor for developing multiple sclerosis and may worsen progression if you already have MS

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Poor sleep is common in people with multiple sclerosis and can be caused by the symptoms of MS or the effects of living with the condition.  Identifying and addressing the causes of the poor sleep can help improve your energy levels and quality of life.

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Be kind to your mind

We often focus solely on our physical health but looking after our mental health is also vital to our sense of wellbeing. This page has practical steps you can take to improve and maintain your mental wellbeing

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Posture is the position the body adopts in response to the effects of gravity. It is the way people hold themselves in sitting, standing or lying down. 'Good' posture allows movement with the least amount of strain and damage.

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Last Updated: 13 January 2017

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