kneeling or sitting positionHelps with:
Core stability

Starting position:

Starting position

Kneeling or Sitting


Kneeling on all fours, weight evenly distributed.

Step one

Keeping the back level and still, let your abdominal muscles go - in other words let it all hang out!

Step two

Then from a point below your tummy button pull up and in as if your stomach is trying to touch your backbone.
Hold for a count of 10, if you can, and then let go.

Repeat 3-5 times.

You should be able to breathe normally during this exercise as the action is below the waist. If you find it hard then count out loud while doing it - it will stop you from suffocating!

Kneeling exercises can be quite strenuous so make sure you can rest afterwards and that you can get back up off the floor! Unless you're very confident, it is a good idea to do these when someone else is in the house.

Animation of core stability exercise


This exercise can also be done in a sitting position.

Sit well back in the chair to support your back.
Let your tummy go, then pull in from below the waist.
Hold for a count of 10, if you can, then let go.

Repeat 3-5 times.

Don't forget to keep breathing!

Download this exercise as a pdf