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Way Ahead Volume 14 Part 4 (October 2010)

Equity and excellence: liberating the NHS

Nicola Russell, Director of Services, MS Trust

This article outlines the key points in the recent government white paper Equity and excellence: liberating the NHS and examines what these reforms mean for health professionals working in the NHS in England, as well as for people with MS.

Engaging people with MS in decision-making: the concept of evidence-based patient information

Sascha Köpke, Institute of Neuroimmunology and Clinical MS Research, Hamburg

With newer more potent MS drug therapies on the horizon, treatment decisions for both people with MS and their health professionals are about to become a lot more complex. It is more important than ever that people with MS have the information they need to make informed decisions in partnership with their health professionals. This article explores how evidence-based patient information can engage people with MS in decision making, increasing their knowledge, satisfaction, quality of life and disease management.

Neuromyelitis optica in the UK

Jon Revis, NMO Nurse Specialist, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

Neuromyelitis optica (NMO) is a rare and potentially devastating neurological condition. Historically, NMO has been managed under the established MS services. However, it has recently been awarded specialist status with centres established in Oxford and Liverpool. This article discusses what NMO is, how it is diagnosed, current treatments and prognosis.

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