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Open Door: May 2015

A free, quarterly newsletter for people with multiple sclerosis, their family and friends and supporters of the MS Trust.

Every issue we report on our work, aiming to make life better for everyone affected by MS, and suggest ways you could get involved.

We also round-up the most relevant MS news and research projects; share the real-life stories of people living with MS; and introduce advice from healthcare professionals that could make a practical difference to you today.

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Latest news from the MS Trust including reports on:

Research update

A round up of the latest MS research:

Progressive MS

  • The new focus on progressive MS

  • There have recently been encouraging developments in understanding and treating progressive MS. In this issue of Open Door we report on MS Trust research into the experience of transition between relapsing and secondary progressive MS and hear from Dr Jeremy Chataway on his research into the effects of three drugs on people with secondary progressive MS. To introduce the feature, Professor Alan Thompson, who is co-chair of team that coordinates the International Progressive MS Alliance's research programme, explains how the focus has changed

  • Improving support for people transitioning to SPMS

  • Finding that the pattern of your MS is changing from relapsing remitting to secondary progressive can be a distressing experience. Many people report that it feels like being diagnosed with MS all over again. How can we improve the support available to people going through transition? Two years ago we commissioned a team of researchers at Cardiff University to explore people's experiences and look at ways support could be improved. Dr Freya Davies explains what they found out

  • "I think it's a golden time for progressive MS research..."

  • Dr Jeremy Chataway is a consultant neurologist at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London and has been involved in MS research for many years, most recently into the effects of simvastatin on progressive MS. He's now leading on the MS-SMART trial, looking at the effects of three drugs which are already used for other conditions on people with secondary progressive MS. The trial is recruiting throughout 2015. Dr Chataway spoke to Open Door about the state of progressive MS research, and the promise of his current research

Mental Health

  • Be kind to your mind

  • We often focus solely on our physical health but looking after our mental health is also vital to our sense of wellbeing. Jo Johnson, a consultant neuropsychologist with a special interest in MS, introduces practical steps you can take to improve and maintain your mental wellbeing

Vaccination and MS

  • Your best shot?

  • The issue of vaccinations and multiple sclerosis raises a number of questions for people with MS. Are the treatments safe? Do they work in MS? Are they affected by other treatments? Here we look at some of the more frequently asked questions

Get involved

MS perspective

  • MS Trust Research Manager Tracy Nicholson

  • Tracy Nicholson is the Research Manager at the MS Trust. She was diagnosed with MS in 2000. To celebrate their 50th birthdays, she and her friend Katrina decided to do a cycle, trek and kayak adventure in North Vietnam to raise funds for the MS Trust

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