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Open Door: August 2014

A free, quarterly newsletter for people with multiple sclerosis, their family and friends and supporters of the MS Trust.

Every issue we report on our work, aiming to make life better for everyone affected by MS, and suggest ways you could get involved.

We also round-up the most relevant MS news and research projects; share the real-life stories of people living with MS; and introduce advice from healthcare professionals that could make a practical difference to you today.

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Latest news from the MS Trust including reports on:

Research update

A round up of the latest MS research:

  • Balance rehabilitation in MS: can it improve stability?

  • Balance problems are common in MS. Lesions in the areas of the brain responsible for movement and balance or in the sense systems can cause problems with balance, which can result in walking difficulties and sometimes falls. This study examined balance rehabilitation to see if it could improve stability in people with MS.

  • MT use in fathers to be: what effect on pregnancy and baby health?

  • Do you need to stop taking MS drugs if you're planning on becoming a dad? MS is most often diagnosed between the ages of 20-40, when many people may be thinking of having a family. However, very little is known about the effect on pregnancy outcomes and the health of the baby, when disease modifying treatments (DMTs) are taken around the time of conception and during pregnancy. This study aimed to examine the outcomes of pregnancies fathered by a man with MS taking a DMT.

  • Do people with MS report all their relapses?

  • This study looked at how often people reported their relapses and what effect their relapses had on their health, work and relationships.

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MS and Mood

  • Two in a million

  • Graham and Nicki Law got married in 1997. Since then they've discovered that they are one of only a handful of couples in the UK where both partners have MS. Here they share their story and explain how they've found that mindfulness can help them deal with their symptoms and support each other.

  • "Being mindful allows you to focus your attention on the present..."

  • Everyone has good days and bad days but no mood lasts for ever. In Graham's book, Feel Good, he looks at techniques for improving your mood and coping with whatever comes your way.

Practical tips

  • Having a baby

  • In the May issue of Open Door we covered pregnancy and MS. In this issue we look at some of the questions mums with MS ask about childbirth and caring for a newborn baby.

Get involved

MS perspective

  • 15 minutes with MS blogger Amelia Southard

  • Amelia Southard is a writer and blogger who lives in Devon. She was diagnosed with MS in 2002. Earlier this year she took part in the MS Trust Continence Question Time, a series of short videos looking at some common MS bowel and bladder problems.

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