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Open Door: March 2015

A free, quarterly newsletter for people with multiple sclerosis, their family and friends and supporters of the MS Trust.

Every issue we report on our work, aiming to make life better for everyone affected by MS, and suggest ways you could get involved.

We also round-up the most relevant MS news and research projects; share the real-life stories of people living with MS; and introduce advice from healthcare professionals that could make a practical difference to you today.

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Latest news from the MS Trust including reports on:

Research update

A round up of the latest MS research:

The heart of MS care

  • Introducing the Heart of MS Care campaign

  • At the MS Trust, we believe that people living with MS deserve the best possible care.

  • Why are we campaigning for specialist MS care?

  • There are over 100,000 people living with MS in the UK today. But MS Trust research shows that there is a shortage of MS specialist nurses and an urgent need to raise the profile of the physiotherapists and occupational therapists with special expertise in MS.

  • 5 reasons why we need MS specialists at the heart of MS care

    • MS specialists understand how MS affects everyone differently
    • MS specialists understand the physical and psychological symptoms of MS
    • MS specialists have strong links with local neurology departments
    • MS specialists are aware of all the latest treatments and therapies
    • MS specialists see the whole person rather than just the symptoms
  • The difference an MS specialist made for me

  • Leonie lived with MS for two years before finding an MS specialist nurse

  • How you can help

  • This year the MS Trust will be campaigning to make sure MS specialists are at the heart of MS care. But we need your support.

New Treatments

  • Stem cells and MS: where are we now?

  • We've all heard stories about miracle cures for MS; these days they often involve stem cells. Neil Scolding is the Burden Professor and Director of the Bristol Institute of Clinical Neurosciences, and he has a special interest in MS and cell therapy. He's also a trustee of the MS Trust and is leading research we've helped fund into bone marrow cell therapy. We asked him to explain the significance of the latest research and help sort the hope from the hype

What is

  • What is the MS hug?

  • The MS hug sounds quite benign but can be a shock if it happens to you. Jane from the MS Trust information team looks at what it is and how you can manage it

Get involved

  • Why we're rowing the Atlantic for Uncle Gary and the MS Trust

  • David Middleton and his friends Charlie, Joe and Matt (right) are the Atlantic Lions. Together they have entered the 2015 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, which will see them row across the Atlantic Ocean. By doing so, the Lions hope to raise £100,000 to support the work of the MS Trust. David explains why they've set themselves this huge challenge

MS perspective

  • MS campaigner Emma Rogan

  • Emma Rogan was diagnosed with MS in 2007 and since then has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the issues that affect people with MS. In 2012 she entered the Vodafone World of Difference competition and worked with MS Ireland on advocacy, policy and information. She now works for the European MS Platform, and is leading their Believe and Achieve campaign, creating paid internship opportunities for young people with MS through partnerships with businesses across Europe

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