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The young person's guide to MS Can you die from MS?

Does MS shorten your life?

Will my mum die earlier than other people without MS?
What is the worst scenario?

Most people with MS will live just as long as anybody else. People don't die from MS itself, but sometimes people who are very badly affected get more infections, or pick up other illnesses more easily than healthy people and they can die from these.

MS does not kill.

"Before I found out what was wrong with my mum I was very frightened because I thought she might die. That was a few years ago and some people didn't believe she was ill."

James, 13

"Sometimes I ask my mum if dad will live 'til I'm 16, but no one knows. I love him, but he seems to be hard work."

Rachel, 11

"I am terrified that it will bring my mum to an early grave."

Emma, 14

"I have thought to myself that MS could cause death or early death."

Sam, 14

"I am worried that my dad might die or his problem might get worse and worse."

Marc, 14

"Mum might get really ill and go into hospital. She might collapse or faint. When she is weak, she sleeps all the time and I worry if she doesn't open her eyes."

Sophie, 11

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