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Chatrooms and webcasts


Webcasts include a series of short videos addressing different aspects of the topic and a question and answer forum that allows people to ask further questions.

Bladder and bowel problems in MS

A panel of experts answer some of your common MS and continence questions.
Watch the bladder and bowel problems in MS webcast

Disease modifying drugs

Prof David Bates answers your questions about drug therapy.
The question and answer forum for this webcast is now closed.
Watch the disease modifying drugs webcast


Dr Val Stevenson talks about spasticity and spasms and how they are managed.
The question and answer forum for this webcast is now closed.
Watch the spasticity webcast

Chatroom transcripts

Click on the title to read the transcript

Secondary progressive MS - managing the transition

16 May 2012
Jeremy Chataway - consultant neurologist
Susan Hourihan - MS occupational therapist
Wendy Hartland - MS nurse
Stephen Wilson - cognitive behavioural psychotherapist
Alison Smith - rehab specialist nurse
Vicki Matthews - MS nurse

Read online | Download pdf (pdf 175kb)

Cognition and MS

22 November 2011
Fiona Barnes - MS nurse
Joan Regan - MS nurse
Jo Johnson - neuropsychologist
Patrick Carroll - occupational therapist
Jeffrey Gingold - advocate and author
Dawn Langdon - neuropsychologist

Read online | Download pdf (pdf 144kb)

Work and MS

24 May 2011
Gail Townsend - occupational therapist
Gerry Tyrell - Working Life Service
Patrick Carroll - occupational therapist
Sarah Ramsey - occupational therapist

Read online | Download pdf (pdf 160kb)

Spasticity and spasms

23 November 2010
Jon Marsden - professor of neuro-rehabilitation
Jenny Freeman - reader in physiotherapy and rehabilitation
Val Stevenson - consultant neurologist
Heidi Cleary - neuro-specialist physiotherapist
Lisa Buckley - spasticity specialist nurse

Read online | Download pdf (pdf 281kb)


28 April 2010
Nikki Embrey - MS nurse
Michelle Ennis - occupational therapist
Jane Goldberg - MS specialist practitioner
Denise Middleton - MS clinical specialist

Read online | Download pdf (pdf 350kb)


24 September 2009
Dr Ilan Liebeman, pain consultant
Kate Golding, MS nurse
Dr David Rog, neurologist
Vicki Matthews, MS nurse
Linda Miller, MS specialist physiotherapist

Read online | Download pdf (pdf 260kb)

Partners and MS

30 April 2009
Lisa Black, MS nurse
Jo Johnson, neuropsychologist
Lynda Hind, neurology nurse
Julia Segal, MS specialist counsellor

Read online | Download pdf (pdf 266kb)


28 April 2009
Dawn Langdon, neuropsychologist
Terri Johns, neurology nurse
Patrick Carroll, specialist occupational therapist
Anita Rose, specialist psychologist
Jeffrey Gingold, advocate and author

Read online | Download pdf (pdf 300kb)

Progressive MS

25 September 2008
Wendy Hartland, MS nurse
Vicki Matthews, MS nurse
Alison Smith, MS rehabilitation nurse
Alan Izat, MS nurse

Read online | Download pdf (pdf 367kb)

Young people, lifestyle and MS

15 April 2008
Emma Greenfield, MS specialist physiotherapist
Nicki Ward-Abel, MS nurse
Kate Watkiss, MS nurse
Liz Watson, MS nurse therapist
Julie Howell (Jooly's Joint)
George Pepper (

Read online | Download pdf (pdf 432kb)

Employment and MS

25 September 2007
Jo Sweetland, research occupational therapist
Brian Simpson, Working Life Service
Gail Townsend, specialist occupational therapist
Patrick Carroll, specialist occupational therapist
Janet Widdows, occupational psychologist

Read online | Download pdf (pdf 457kb)

Sexual issues and MS

24 April 2007
Nicki Ward-Abel, MS lecturer practitioner
Nolly Biggins, clinical nurse specialist
Ruth Hallam-Jones, psychosexual therapist
Vicki Gutteridge, MS specialist nurse

Read online | Download pdf (pdf 394kb)

The effect of MS on the family and relationships

20 September 2006
Kerry Mutch, MS specialist nurse
Julia Segal, MS specialist counsellor
Jane Ware, MS specialist nurse
Kate Watkiss, MS specialist nurse

Read online | Download pdf (pdf 298kb)

Bowel problems

26 April 2006
Annette Leach, MS specialist nurse
Vinay Kalsi, registrar in uro-neurology
Sue Woodward, nursing lecturer

Read online | Download pdf (pdf 345kb)