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    • Could you help us improve our website?

      Since we first went online in 1997, the MS Trust website has grown into a huge, highly popular source of positive, practical and reliable information about MS. Over the last 12 months,  our website received 2.9 million page views so we must be doing something right. But we’d like our website to be even better. [...]

    • My summer at the MS Trust: learning from people with MS

      MS. Multiple sclerosis. A chronic neurological condition characterised by damage to the myelin sheath of nerves which leads to a variety of symptoms. May affect vision, balance, movement and many more things”. As a medical student just finishing my second year, this was all I knew about MS before my summer holiday began. Nicholas Burstow, [...]

    • 15 minutes with MS blogger Amelia Southard

      Amelia Southard is a writer and blogger who lives in Devon. She was diagnosed with MS in 2002. Earlier this year she took part in the MS Trust Continence Question Time, a series of short videos looking at some common MS bowel and bladder problems. What inspired you to start blogging? I started because I [...]