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MS Awareness Week

Group of people affected by MS and MS specialists holding we need MS specialists at the heart of MS care signs

We need MS specialists at the heart of MS care
MS Awareness Week 2015: 27 April–3 May

This MS Awareness Week we want to highlight the importance of MS specialist services and make sure everyone affected by MS can access the best possible care.

The simplest way to show your support is to visit our campaign page sign up, and encourage others to do so too. The more people who support our campaign, the stronger case we can make for the needs for MS specialist nurses and therapists for everyone living with MS in the UK.

Hussein and his MS specialist Lesley

Share your story

If you have an MS specialist nurse, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, or other MS expert who's made a real difference for you, why not share your story on Facebook or Twitter?

And, because a picture's worth a thousand words, if you have a great MS specialist you'd like to thank, why not take an MS selfie of the two of you and share it on our Facebook page?

Do you need more MS specialists where you live?

We're also keen to hear from you if you don't have access, or have lost access, to an MS specialist. What difference has it made it to you? Sharing your experience could help us make sure everyone affrected by MS receives the care they need. Email or call 01462 476733 with your story.

Spread the word

You could spread the word and help us reach even more people with our campaign. Download our campaign posters and hold an information event in your local community or share our infographics and images on social media. Make sure you use the hashtag #MSheart!

Links to downloads: MS Trust poster (pdf) (graphic) | 5 reasons why we need MS specialists (graphic) |We need MS specialists at the heart of MS care poster (pdf) (graphic) | Heart of MS care 2 (pdf) (graphic)

Big Blue Jump poster

Raise funds and raise awareness

Taking part in MS Trust events is a great way to raise the profile of MS specialists and raise funds to support our work. Our Bold in Blue campaign runs throughout the year and our team have lots of great ideas to help you raise funds in your community. Alternatively, if you're feeling brave, why not join in with our Big Blue Jump, which takes place on 2 May?

Find out more about all our fundraising events.

Support our work with a donation

The MS Trust trains, develops and supports MS specialist nurses and therapists across the UK, but we can only continue this work with your support. You can also support our innovative projects such as GEMSS, which is helping MS teams around the country generate the evidence that shows the impact of their work. Find out more about supporting our work.