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31 August 2018

  • Ibudilast slows atrophy in progressive MS
  • Sleep affects MS symptoms
  • Tecfidera and Gilenya compared
  • Managing functional illness
17 August 2018

  • New mum diagnosed with MS
  • Rare genetic changes linked to primary progressive MS
  • Early termination of pregnancy increases risk of relapses
10 August 2018

  • Congratulations to Trishna Bharadia
  • Smoking and relapses
  • Travelling with disabilities
  • Long delays for neurologist appointments in Northern Ireland
  • Botox for bladder problems
08 August 2018

In a new blog, a person with MS chronicles her journey taking part in a clinical trial for the drug bexarotene. Part 6, where Hellie ponders what it feels like to be a part of a clinical trial

07 August 2018

Anne and Jim Thompson have organised many fundraising events and challenges over the years, from Easter egg tombolas to open water swimming. Anne tells us why they support the MS Trust and about her husband Jim’s latest challenge to trek the length of the UK

07 August 2018

The MS Trust only has a small team of staff, based in Letchworth in Hertfordshire, so we rely on our volunteers to act as our representatives around the UK. Our volunteers act as the face and voice of the MS Trust in their local area, raising funds and awareness of MS and our services. 

06 August 2018

If you have MS, it’s likely you’ve experienced that overwhelming feeling of tiredness or sudden lack of energy that defines MS fatigue. It’s one of the most common symptoms of MS and many people find that the heat can make it worse. So with temperatures rising and the 2018 summer scorcher in full swing, we put your questions on fatigue to occupational therapist, Kate Hayward.

06 August 2018

Last summer, thanks to our incredible supporters, the first MS Trust-funded MS specialist nurses arrived at Leicester Hospitals. Since then, we’ve also helped to bring new nurses to Bradford and Lanarkshire, and soon Hull. Together, they’ve made a world of difference to thousands of people living with MS.  We caught up with Leicester nurse Jon Maisey to find out about his first year in post, and Jenna Chudasama, to hear about the invaluable support he’s given her.