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At Work with MS Welcome

Welcome to the At Work with MS Toolkit

pencil, glasses and post-it notes

The aim of this resource is to enable you and the person living with MS to work in partnership to retain or regain employment.

It is based on the principles of self- management with the assumption that people with MS have the knowledge, skills and experience to overcome the difficulties they may face and make informed decisions about the actions they take. The person with MS is the expert when it comes to their job, workplace setting and culture, and how MS affects them.

This toolkit contains worksheets and resources that can be used to facilitate a working partnership between the person with MS and health professional, with the person with MS setting the priorities for appropriate interventions.

Work, like MS, is complicated and variable, and there appear to be few hard and fast rules that govern working with MS. What is clear is from the research is that if people with MS want to work they might need tenacity and creativity to find solutions to the challenges that working with MS might bring.

We hope this toolkit will enable you to support people with MS to achieve this.