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Current projects

Pilates based core stability training: a randomised controlled trial

Dr Jenny Freeman, University of Plymouth, UK and collaborators, facilitated by the TiMS (Therapists in MS) group

People with MS frequently experience problems with balance and movement, including reduced trunk stability. Pilates-based core stability training is aimed at improving control of the body's stabilising muscles. Despite a lack of evidence regarding its effetiveness, this exercise approach is now popular with both people with MS and therapists.

In a previous study, the investigators found that an individual programme of core stability training helped five out of eight participants. The current investigation will build upon the pilot study by carrying out a clinical trial with the aims of:

  1. Establish the effectiveness of core stability training in people with MS
  2. Compare core stability training with standardised physiotherapy exercise
  3. Explore underlying mechanisms of change associated with this therapy

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