Experience the thrill of a lifetime this June

Take part in a tandem skydive for the MS Trust at one of 20 participating airfields across the country on a day that suits you (see map below for locations of the jump sites). No experience is required as all training is given and if you raise the minimum sponsorship (£395), this will cover the skydive costs too.

Click the button below to get a Jump in June pack (pdf), which contains all the information you need to know as well as a reservation form to book your jump. 

Get your Jump in June information pack

Alternatively, you can book your skydive online (but please note there is a card surcharge of £1.75).

Tandem skydive highlights include:

  • Jump and training completed in one day
  • Harnessed to an instructor at all times
  • Skydive from at least 10,000 feet
  • Freefall down to 5,000ft at 120mph!
  • You learn how to steer the parachute canopy
  • Landing is controlled by your instructor
  • Certificate to prove you have completed a 2-mile high tandem skydive!
  • Support people with multiple sclerosis by raising funds for the MS Trust

For more information about this event, please email fundraising@mstrust.org.uk or call 01462 476707.

Airfield locations