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  1. Stethoscope

    NICE decision on drugs for relapsing MS

    NICE approves Avonex, Extavia & Rebif, Copaxone & Brabio, does not recommend Betaferon & will assess Plegridy separately. Read more

  2. Hayley Bullock

    5 top tips for your mental health

    Psychologist Hayley Bullock shares her top tips for coping with the emotional side of an MS diagnosis. Watch her video

  1. NICE Decision
  2. MS Mental Health
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Your stories

There are over 100,000 people living with MS in the UK today. But MS affects everyone differently. Find out more about how some people have adapted to living life with MS.

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Get your My Garden Party pack today and start planning a party for your friends and family to raise funds for people with MS.