MS specialist services are facing big challenges. We want to shape a fair future, where everyone affected by MS can access the specialist care that works for them. This MS Awareness Week we want to highlight these challenges. Here are four ways you can get involved.

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We want to celebrate the life-changing work of MS teams and highlight the challenges they face. We’ll be sharing videos, infographics and posters to help you spread the word on social media and at information events.spread-the-word-image

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Be Bold in Blue is such a fun and easy way to support the MS Trust during MS Awareness Week (25 April - 1 May 2016).

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What role should charities play in supporting public services?

What is the role of charities in supporting public services

Should the task of improving MS services be solely the responsibility of the NHS? Amy Bowen, Director of Service Development at the MS Trust, explains why we believe it’s vital for the MS Trust to work in co-operation with MS teams to ensure people living with MS receive the best possible care

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Why you should join me in sharing your views on MS services

Amy Mackelden- Sharing views of MS services

Sometimes, as a person with MS, it can feel as though your voice isn’t being heard. This is why I was so keen to become a lay member of the MS Trust’s MS Forward View project advisory group. Any opportunity to share my opinions about and experiences of MS services, I grab, because so much of the time my opinion doesn’t seem to matter.

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Let’s make MS care fair!

Let's make MS care fair logo and team

MS care is changing. Last year saw a new consensus on treatment for people with relapsing remitting MS. This recommends that people with relapsing remitting MS receive treatment with a disease modifying drug (DMD) as close as possible to diagnosis. It also recommends that treatment should be closely monitored, and, if there are still signs of disease activity, a switch to a different, more effective treatment should be considered.

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