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Why support the MS Trust

MS Trust information stand

Supporting the MS Trust makes a real difference for people with MS now.

There are approximately 100,000 people with MS in the UK and our information and support is available free to anyone affected by MS, whenever it is needed.



The MS Trust is a small organisation with an enormous job to do, but we need your help.

As well as providing free information to anyone affected by MS, The MS Trust is also in contact with over 6,000 health professionals who look to us for information, education and support in their roles. The MS Trust is an effective and respected advocate for people with MS and we are determined to see an improvement in MS services.

Our Information Service is provided free of charge and, whilst our books and information are distributed widely by the NHS, the MS Trust does not receive any government funding towards this service. Apart from our education courses where we charge a small fee, we rely entirely on the support of donors, people who take part in our fundraising events or organise their own events, grant-making trusts and people who leave a donation in their will.

Where does the money go?

Information Service

The MS Trust firmly believes in helping people with MS now which is why the majority of money received goes towards funding our Information Service.

Our Information Service is there to answers queries from anyone affected by MS including people with MS, their family and friends, and health professionals. Our Information Officers provide unbiased and independent evidence-based information, which can be individually tailored to the person's needs.

Our Information Officers also produce our quarterly newsletter Open Door as well as award-winning publications with input from MS specialists on various subjects such as fatigueposturecontinuing to workbladder and bowel problemscognitive difficultiesdiet and disease modifying drug therapies. All of this information and more is also available on our website.

Professional education for health professionals

The MS Trust spends a large proportion of its income on professional education for health and social care professionals who work with people with MS. Our Education Team works with health professionals to identify gaps in MS education and we address these gaps by providing relevant training and support.

We organise and subsidise study days which provide professionals with a broad overview of MS and a more in-depth understanding of certain aspects of the disease and related symptom management. For MS specialist health professionals who are new in post, the MS Trust provides a week long Development Module in Clinical MS which is accredited by Leeds Metropolitan University.

Our education team also organises an annual conference which is a unique event in the MS calender. It is attended by over 300 health and social care professionals (including nurses and therapists) who share a commitment to improve MS care. It provides a fantastic opportunity for the attendees to develop their MS expertise, share ideas for innovative practice and network with other professionals.


The MS Trust funds research that can make a difference to the lives of people who are living with MS now.

We focus on three key areas:

  • Improving services
  • Improving treatments
  • Improving support

We have invested over £824,000 in the past five years, funding projects which have shown the value of FES, fatigue management programmes and MS nurses, as well as repeated audits to highlight where MS services must be improved. But there is so much more we would like to do.


Policy and Campaigning

We campaign both at a local level for people with MS to have access to specialist health professionals and at a strategic level to ensure the NHS is planning adequate services for people with MS.

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