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Way Ahead Volume 20 Part 1 (January 2016)

​Patient experiences of care when transitioning to SPMS

Freya Davies

Summary of selective findings of a study exploring patient experiences of the transition to secondary progressive MS, including three key questions for practitioners to assist reflection.

The Scottish MS Register

Hazel Dodds

Describes the creation of the Scottish MS Register to collect reliable information on the numbers of people in Scotland with a new diagnosis of MS and to contribute to service improvements..

The GEMSS evaluation project

Geraldine Mynors

Article provides a reminder of the aims of the GEMSS programme, discusses some of the main findings and looks at the impact it had on the health professionals involved.

Measuring the burden of hospitalisation in MS

Sue Thomas

Discusses the results of a report which examined the increase in unplanned admissions into hospital of people with MS, some of the reasons behind the increase and the actions required to ensure people with MS receive the services they deserve.

Auditing 'admissions avoided'

Geraldine Mynors

Article looks at some potential ways for MS specialist services to document and audit their 'admissions avoided'.

Professional development

Round-up from the MS Trust 2015 conference and the development of a competency framework for AHPs.


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