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Young people and MS

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We want to make sure that young people don’t have to take on MS alone. Find out more about our MSTV YouTube channel which is full of helpful information and advice.

Childhood MS stories

Childhood MS stories

Children and young people share their experiences of living with MS and the challenges it brings. Amy was diagnosed with MS when she was just 14 years old and talks about her experiences growing up with the condition.

Your education

Your education

If you have been diagnosed with MS and are still at school here are some tips to manage stress, MS symptoms and how to find support for your educational needs.

Young person's guide to MS

Written with the help of 10-16 year olds who know what it is like to have a parent with MS and who share their experiences, worries and emotions about living with MS in their family.

Kids' guide to MS

Download our guide for 6-10 year olds who have a mum or dad with MS. Children can read it on their own or with a parent.