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14 December 2018

  • SMC approves Ocrevus
  • Australian stem cell study
  • Switching interferons increases relapse risk
woman smiling at camera holding on to her hat
13 December 2018

What causes MS? This is something we yet don't know, but there are a lot of theories out there. In this blog guest blogger Emily, takes us through some of them. 

Katie Silverthorne
06 December 2018

When Katie Silverthorne was diagnosed with MS when she was just 23, she had no idea that her condition would one day spur her on to open her own successful business. In this blog, Katie writes about coming to terms with her MS diagnosis and how it gave her the courage to take a leap of faith and start her own business.

06 December 2018

Is there a funny side to MS? We talk to stand-up comedian Will Berard who has MS, about life with the condition, getting diagnosed and raising awareness through comedy.

Confused man
30 November 2018

  • Depression affected by lifestyle factors
  • Gilenya approved for childhood MS
  • Lemtrada warning issued
two heads and a brain
23 November 2018

  • Cognition affects ability to work
  • Gender differences in diagnosis
  • Rare Gilenya side effect warning
  • Fampyra turned down in Scotland
MS nurses
16 November 2018

For many, MS nurses are a lifeline but, sadly, we know that some people are missing out on the vital care and support they provide, simply because there are currently not enough of them. The MS Trust recently published a report into nurse provision across the UK, this blog looks at some of the key findings. 

MS nurse with person with multiple sclerosis
16 November 2018

  • Heavy caseloads for MS specialist nurses
  • Ocrevus slows progression in upper limbs
  • Parenting with MS
  • Trains and planes and disability
  • Vitamin D recommendation
A pregnant woman
09 November 2018

  • The effect of pregnancy on MS
  • Ocrevus for PPMS decision paused
  • Coexisting conditions affect atrophy
  • Medical cannabis rule change in Jersey
09 November 2018

Spasticity and spasms are a common symptom of MS and can have a big impact on your daily life. To find out how they can be successfully treated and managed, we put some of your questions to physiotherapist, Katrina Buchanan.

07 November 2018

When MS Trust supporter Tim Sorrell signed up to his first parkrun, somewhat reluctantly, he could never have imagined the positive difference it would make to his life. He explains what makes it so special.