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donut and mug of coffee
25 July 2016

Swallowing hard: dysphagia and MS

Jane from the Information Team blogs about swallowing difficulties in MS and tips and tricks that may help you

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22 July 2016

MS in the media

  • Developing drugs for progressive MS
  • Magician on living with MS
  • Vitamin D recommendation for general population
21 July 2016

Vitamin D - new guideline recommends daily intake of 10 micrograms for the general population

A government report published today recommends that everyone should aim to consume 10 micrograms of vitamin D (400 IU) each day to ensure healthy bones and muscles.

elephant looking forgetful
19 July 2016

Thanks for the memory: forgetting things and MS

Jane from the Information Team blogs about memory difficulties in MS, how they can affect many aspects of everyday life and tips and tricks that may help

15 July 2016

MS in the media

  • Disease modifying drugs and cognition
  • New measure for person-centred care
Trudi in front of the aeroplane
14 July 2016

Pushing my boundaries: skydiving for the MS Trust

Trudi tells us about her sponsored skydive from 10,000 feet and why she wanted to raise money for the MS Trust.

Woman wearing hat and scarf
13 July 2016

Chilled out: cold sensitivity and MS

Jane from the Information Team blogs about why some people with MS find that their symptoms get worse when they are cold and what can help

12 July 2016

Butlins for people with MS?

Being diagnosed with MS is the beginning of a long, unpredicatable journey. In Denmark, people are offered a two-week residential course on adjusting to their new life with MS. Tim Wardman went on one and reports back on what he learned.

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08 July 2016

MS in the media

  • Overweight people more likely to develop MS
  • Gut bacteria differ in people with MS
  • Integrated care transforms lives of disabled people
  • Lifestyle based approach to MS
  • Zinbryta (daclizumab) licensed
  • Effect of MS on carers
  • Cause of depression as MS symptom
07 July 2016

Daclizumab (Zinbryta) gets European licence for relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis

The European Commission (EC) has granted marketing authorization for daclizumab (Zinbryta) for the treatment of adults with relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis. This follows a recommendation from the European Medicines Agency in May that a licence should be granted.

Lois on the day of her skydive
01 July 2016

My skydive was just the beginning

Lois has developed a taste for fundraising after raising £600 through a sponsored skydive to support her mum who has MS.

Sam, Penny and Grace
01 July 2016

Tap dancing to raise awareness of MS

Penny O'Connor tells us how she raised funds and awareness through her tap dancing classes.

Exhausted man trying to sleep in bed
30 June 2016

Hot and bothered: how heat makes MS symptoms worse

Jane from the Information Team blogs about why many people with MS find that their symptoms get worse when they are hot. 

30 June 2016

Major national survey of neurological conditions launches today

A national survey of people living with a neurological condition, including multiple sclerosis, launches today. The Neurological Alliance, representing 80 organisations working across England to improve life for people living with a neurological condition, is running their second neurological patient experience survey.

24 June 2016

MS in the media

  • Commissioning community services
  • Progressive MS Alliance meeting
  • New genes associated with MS
  • Caroline Wyatt on her diagnosis
  • Rituximab
20 June 2016

New report calls for neurology care to be delivered closer to home

The Thames Valley Strategic Clinical Network launches a new report calling for improvements in neurological services provided in the community.

20 June 2016

Family prepares to cycle to Paris for MS Trust

Jack Graves tells us how his mum's MS diagnosis has inspired his family and their friends to get on their bikes.

17 June 2016

MS in the media

  • Awareness of MS
  • Sleep and cognition
  • People affected by MS - Caroline Wyatt
  • People affected by MS - Stephanie Millward
  • Cerebral microbleeds
  • Vitamin D
Friends having a My Garden Party
10 June 2016

A whole new world for me

Sarah was still getting to grips with her own MS diagnosis when she decided to throw a garden party to raise awareness and funds.  

Pile of newspapers MS in the media
10 June 2016

MS in the media

  • Older people with MS
  • Opicinumab (anti-lingo-1) trail disappointing
  • Stem cell trial shows long-term benefits