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Ghostly Halloween Nissan Cube
27 October 2016

Melissa tells us why she and her husband travelled 118 miles around Kent in a Nissan Cube, dressed in Halloween costumes.

MS in the media
21 October 2016

  • SNP backs decriminalising cannabis for medical use
  • More MS nurses needed in West Yorkshire
  • Tysabri (natalizumab) reduces depression in MS
  • MS Society survey finds "disturbing levels" of workplace bullying
  • Importance of family
Close up of one of Becca's artworks
20 October 2016

Artist Becca Thomas, whose mother Rosemary recently passed away, is selling artworks in memory of her mum to help people with MS.

MS in the media logo (pile of newspapers)
14 October 2016

  • How people with MS feel about risk
  • Stress and onset of symptoms
  • Lemtrada (alemtuzumab) and disability improvement
  • Stress incontinence in women with MS
  • Factors indicating how MS may develop
  • Low dose naltrexone safety study
  • Intimate relations
11 October 2016

Have you used the MS Trust information service since 1 September 2016? If you're living with MS or are the relative or close friend of someone who is, you could help us improve our information service for people with MS by taking part in a research study being conducted by an independent research agency.

MS in the media logo (a pile of newspapers)
07 October 2016

  • ESA re-assessments
  • NICE turns down daclizumab
  • Mindfulness helps with coping
  • Tysabri vs Gilenya comparison
03 October 2016

The government are to scrap repeat assessments of people claiming ESA (Employment Support Allowance) if they have a condition that is unlikely to have improved.

Marie and friends
26 September 2016

Sleepless nights and jars of chutney from a neighbour inspired Marie to create her own cook book, which she is now using to raise funds to help others with MS.

ECTRIMS 2016 - picture of Tower Bridge in London
23 September 2016

Reports of studies presented at the ECTRIMS meeting that took place from 14-17 September 2016.  Reports include research into disease modifying drugs for relapsing and progressive MS, stem cells and lifestyle factors in MS.

MS in the media logo (a pile of newspapers)
23 September 2016

  • MS at the Paralympics
  • Gene research for progressive MS questioned
  • Natural history of people on disease modifying drugs
  • MPs support call for medical cannabis
  • Film about footballer with MS released on DVD
  • Older people with MS
  • Ageing with MS
  • Progressive MS research funding
  • Guidelines on more than one long-term condition
  • ECTRIMS round up
MS in the media logo (pile of newspapers)
09 September 2016

  • How heat affects people with MS
  • Paralympians with MS
  • Negative attitudes to people with MS
  • Tamoxifen may help myelin repair
  • Genes don't suggest course of MS
MS in the media logo (pile of newspapers)
02 September 2016

  • The effect of childhood MS on parents
  • Review of the medical understanding of childhood MS
  • Explaining MS
  • Please offer me a seat
  • How lifestyle factors affect MS
  • Photography project focuses on MS
  • Low white blood cell count and MS