MS Specialist Nursing in the UK 2016 finds that there are worrying variations in support across the UK. Almost one in four people with MS lives in areas where the nurses have to care for twice the recommended numbers. But not having the right care and support when they need it can have serious consequences for the health of people with MS, and can be costly for the NHS.

MS Trust research has shown that MS nurses are absolutely crucial for the health and wellbeing of people with MS. They often work with people from the moment of diagnosis, throughout their lives with MS, providing expert information and support in making choices, particularly about their health and treatment.

“At the MS Trust we believe that MS nurses play a vital role in helping people deal with the shock of diagnosis and can help them adjust to, and manage, life with MS,” said Amy Bowen, Director of Service Development at the MS Trust. “Our research shows that too many people are going without this specialist support – either they have no MS nurse near them, or their nurse is having to manage a caseload far in excess of the recommended sustainable number. This can have grave consequences for people with MS. They may have to rely on non-specialist support for what is a highly complex disease. And they may have to resort to using A&E services if their symptoms become worse.”

“As we know, the NHS is coming under increasing strain, and MS specialist services are often not a priority. That’s why the MS Trust is stepping up to the plate with our #No1alone campaign. We have mapped services across the UK and highlighted the areas in greatest need. Now we are determined to fund, train and support new MS nurses to make a difference for thousands of people living with MS today.”