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Coronation Street
05 February 2019

When Martin Baum first learned Coronation Street was to introduce an MS storyline, his immediate reaction was one of "wariness tinged with optimism". Here he gives his verdict on how MS has been represented by the soaps over the years.

London to Brighton
04 February 2019

Jo Wessell took part in the London to Brighton Bike Ride for the MS Trust in September last year. Here she reflects on “the most amazing experience”

04 February 2019

Back in November, MS Trust supporter Trish Deykin was awarded The Times Helen Rollason Award for Inspiration in recognition of her amazing achievements in the triathlon. Here, Trish tells us about her journey with MS, how staying active has helped her deal with the condition and why she’s determined not to let MS stop her following her dreams.

04 February 2019

As BBC defence correspondent, Caroline Wyatt was used to being a stone’s throw from some of the world’s most dangerous war zones. But nothing could have prepared her for the daily battle that is MS. Here, Caroline tells us about adapting to life with MS, her experience of stem cell treatment, and her hopes for the future.

Lindsay Lord
04 February 2019

We were thrilled to recently announce the appointment of our first ever Advanced MS Champion, Lindsay Lord, based at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and covering Greater Manchester. Here, we talk to Lindsay about the vital importance of this new role and her determination to make a difference for people with advanced MS. 

29 January 2019

Living with a long-term condition like MS does not only mean facing physical challenges, it can mean overcoming mental challenges too. Around half of all people with MS will experience depression at some point in their life. But depression is treatable, and understanding what support is out there if you are feeling low is really important. So at a time of year when the post-Christmas blues have well and truly kicked in, we’re focusing on the talking therapies that are available to help improve low mood. Here we look at counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy.

28 January 2019

Pain in MS can come in many different forms. Burning, throbbing, aching, stabbing, numbness and crawling are just some of the many ways that people with MS describe it. To shed some light on how pain is managed in MS, we put some of your questions to consultant nurse in pain management, Sue Barnes.

Jen and Dave
19 December 2018

Living with MS in the family does not only affect the person with MS, but their loved ones as well. In this guest blog, Jen who is a full time carer for her husband Dave, writes about their life living with advanced MS.


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