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cells under microscope
18 January 2019

  • Stem cells effective in aggressively relapsing MS
  • Benefits of early DMD treatment
  • Guidelines for MS treatment during pregnancy published
  • Mindfulness helps mood and fatigue
frost on window
11 January 2019

  • Cooling helps with exercise
  • Rituximab and SPMS
  • Ocrevus and arm function in PPMS
  • Plasma cells from gut can turn off brain inflammation
Bowel of nuts
21 December 2018

  • Relapses more likely in people with food allergies
  • Reducing Ocrevus injection site reactions
  • Fampridine and walking speed
14 December 2018

  • SMC approves Ocrevus
  • Australian stem cell study
  • Switching interferons increases relapse risk
Person contemplating
30 November 2018

  • Depression affected by lifestyle factors
  • Gilenya approved for childhood MS
  • Lemtrada warning issued


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