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MS research update - How long to recover from a relapse? - 11 January 2012

Most people with MS are diagnosed with the relapsing remitting type. This is characterised by relapses (bad patches when symptoms get worse or new symptoms appear) followed by remission (when symptoms improve and may go away completely).

This study looked at how long people took to recover from a relapse and whether they recovered completely.

144 people with MS from Wales were assessed within one week of having a relapse and then followed up after two, six and 12 months using a variety of tests. If someone experienced another relapse before the 12 month point then they were assessed again following the same schedule.

85% were classed as having relapsing remitting MS but 15% had secondary progressive MS that still included relapses.

82 people (over a third) had no further relapse in the 12 month follow up period. The remaining participants experienced 226 relapses between them.

87% of those in the study showed an improvement in their EDSS score (mostly a measure of mobility) within two months including 50% who had recovered back to their initial EDSS score.

Arm function seemed slower to recover and could still be improving up to 6 months after the relapse.

30% of the relapses were classed as severe and, out of these, 11% failed to recover.

It was not generally possible to predict who would have a more severe relapse or who would not recover as quickly or so completely.

The researchers concluded that most improvement in physical symptoms occured within two months of the relapse and was largely complete within six months. However, further recovery could occur up to 12 months after the relapse in a small number of people.

They believe that these results are important in deciding what treatments should be used and when would be the best time to use them.

This study may also help people with MS to better understand the process of recovery after a relapse which can be confusing.

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Research by topic areas...

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MS relapses

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Disease modifying treatments

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Drugs in development

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Quality of life

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Paediatric MS

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Psychological aspects

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Physical activity

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